When women and couples are looking to get pregnant, there are a few tips that they can follow in order to help them get pregnant faster.

The first tip includes having sexual intercourse at least three times a week. Many couples choose to wait to have sex until the woman is able to time her ovulation, but if they do not think that they are ovulating, they typically do not have sex otherwise. Due to the fact that women do not always ovulate when they think they do, by having sex several times a week they will increase their chances for conception.

The next thing that you can do includes using a fertility monitor or an ovulation kit. Many women who are trying to conceive will often chart their temperature and feel like this can be very confusing remembering to take their basal temperature each day. Therefore, the OPK is able to test the level of LH surges that are present in urine. Fertility monitors not only monitor the LH surges, but they can also help with monitoring other hormones that are present. This can be helpful in taking some of the guess work out of the equation.

Another crucial tip when trying to get pregnant includes having sex before ovulation occurs and not after. While the actual ovulation window is open for around 24 hours, the sperm is able to live for two to three days. Therefore, having sex a few days before the expected ovulation can help to meet the egg when it needs to.

When you are trying to get pregnant, you will need to also see your doctor because he is able to let you know if your health is good and can help you get healthy in order to get pregnant. You will also need to stop smoking, drinking and no drugs either. By smoking, doing drugs and drinking, you are lessening your chances for conception and also you will affect the unborn child should you become pregnant.

Sex is quite obviously a very important part of getting pregnant. So you will want to make sure that you are enjoying sex because this will help you feel more relaxed and this could also help you get pregnant faster than you may realize. When a woman has an orgasm, this can actually help her move the sperm into her uterus and a man’s sperm count can also increase as a result. A good way to help with this is to plan a romantic evening. In doing so, you will also be helping ensure that sex has not started to feel like a chore or worse yet a part time job.

Another advisable tip for how to get pregnant includes having sex in certain positions. That will help ensure that the sperm is staying inside of the vagina where it can then travel to the egg so that it can fertilize the egg. The missionary position is the best one to try when you are trying to get pregnant and positions where the woman is on top should not be used. If the woman is on top then natural gravity will pull the sperm out. After having sex the woman can place a pillow under her hips in order to help tilt the pelvis and keep in the sperm longer. It is advisable that she lay there for a while before getting up and moving around.

By following these top tips for how to get pregnant you will soon be reading a positive result on that pregnancy test.

When getting pregnant keep in mind there is a possibility of having twins.  Monozygostic twins are identical and dizygostic are commonly referred to as fraternal twins. It is recommended that you get twin zygosity test to determine for certain whether your twins are identical or fraternal. 


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